BTR6M204: The Six Minute Guy Cubed
Preceeded by Doctor Who & The Monopoly Pub Crawl of Doom
Followed by The Ouroborous Heart
Featured cast
The Ebullient Zautrino Jacob Aldridge
Guy Anwar Kane Major
Production notes
Recorded September 2004
Released December 2004

The latest member of the TARDIS crew, the Ebullient Zautrino, has decided he needs to further upskill his abilities if he is to ensure the safety of both the Doctor and Guy during their travels. To do this, he will need to undertake hand-to-hand combat training in a number of locations unfamiliar to him from his time in the land of Elton.

Discovering an Artificial Reality Suite inside the depths of the TARDIS, he realises this is his best chance to achieve his goal. His only problem? He does not know how to work the device. Which means going with whatever default settings are currently inside the machine.

Little does Zautrino know, however, that Guy Anwar certainly knows of this AR suite - and has used it many, many times. So when Guy stumbles across Zautrino inside the suite, the two suddenly find themselves trapped, and facing a host of unstoppable enemies - albeit enemies with very familiar faces...


Written by: Darran Jordan. Camera Provided by: Benjamin Kopelke. Camera Operated by: Matthew Kopelke. Post-Production by: Matthew Kopelke. Music by: David Newman. Shot on Location in: Brisbane, Australia. With Thanks To: Jennifer Adams Kelley, Steven Hill, Robert Warnock. Produced & Directed by: Matthew Kopelke.


"The Six Minute Guy Cubed" by Darran Jordan06:01

"The Six Minute Guy Cubed" by Darran Jordan

"The Six Minute Guy Cubed" Behind The Scenes09:01

"The Six Minute Guy Cubed" Behind The Scenes

The Bungling Robber01:00

The Bungling Robber

The Ebullient Zautrino Goes Shopping (Part 1 of 3)09:37

The Ebullient Zautrino Goes Shopping (Part 1 of 3)

The Ebullient Zautrino Goes Shopping (Part 2 of 3)09:43

The Ebullient Zautrino Goes Shopping (Part 2 of 3)

The Ebullient Zautrino Goes Shopping (Part 3 of 3)06:04

The Ebullient Zautrino Goes Shopping (Part 3 of 3)


Episode endingsEdit

  1. Having resigned himself to being stuck in the AR suite for the rest of the day, Guy decides to throw his lot in with Zautrino and defeat The Overzealous Ernie...

Additional credited castEdit


Popular mythsEdit

  • The film was originally rejected by The Federation due to issues surrounding quality (the film simply did not meet the required 6-minute length in its original edit, and Director Matthew Kopelke declined to re-edit the film at that time, preferring to go with an in-house release to ensure the film came out before the end of 2004).

Things to watch out for...Edit

  • A set of 4 Telletubbies were placed on the set in the background by actor Jacob Aldridge, and can be seen in several shots (Jacob was a big fan of them at the time of recording).

Things you probably never knew...Edit

  • This script was filmed as part of a 2004 BTR get-together day for the core members of BTR Productions. This script was filmed during the day, followed by the "Bungling Robber" sketch and the lunchtime trip to Stafford City Shopping Centre (where the "Zautrino Goes Shopping" footage was filmed). That evening, the core members of BTR came together at the Melton Road Studio Complex for a early Christmas party, and it was at this Christmas party that both Crisp & Even and Big Hugs of Terror were recorded.

Quote, unquoteEdit


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