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Nick is just your ordinary kinda guy. Nothing special about him, save for the fact that he has an unhealthy fascination with tanks and guns. Apart from that, he’s normal in every other way.

However, he’s just joined the Australia Post Dead Letter Office, and has found himself plunged into the strangest world he’s yet encountered - plus, he doesn’t even have any backup on hand to pull him out if things turn nasty.

This year, Nick is going to find love in all the right places, find enemies in all the wrong places, and even get a chance at becoming wealthy - only two things stand in his way, a pain of a boss, and a Santa Claus that’s universally despised by the entire Multiverse.

Nick’s determined to get the girl, the money, and survive to tell the tale to as many drunken army troopers as he can. He just doesn’t quite know how he’s gonna pull it off, that’s all...

Cast (in order of appearance)
Michael Burge as Nick
Jeanne Leeke as Sally
Kane Major as Pete
Donna Gleeson as Viola
Jana Kildey as Karen
Stephen Cronk as Chris

Writers: Bill Billingsley & Darran Jordan
Script Editor: Witold Tietze
Lighting: Kane Major
Music: Robert Warnock
Sound: Matthew Kopelke
Assistant Director: Bill Billingsley
Produced & Directed by Matthew Kopelke
© 2001 BTR Productions

Director’s Ramblings

This year has been a huge one for BTR - this was the year which saw us launch our own semi-pro sci-fi audio anthology series Beyond Traditional Recognition, as well as begin preparation work on a semi-pro fantasy audio series A Sprinkle of Stardust, as well as continue our work in supporting the local radio station 4RPH, as well as continue our avenues in short films.

However, in terms of sheer energy, frustration, and enjoyment, Christmas Under Siege has been the biggest, and the best.  As BTR’s first ever stab at the live theatre genre, we were fortunate that everyone involved has had some experience in this previously.

It’s been my job to turn this script into something that would make everyone laugh.  However, I cannot take all the credit.  A big thanks must go to the very talented cast I’ve assembled, as well as our two writers (especially Darran, who lives in Sydney and wasn’t able to attend the performance!).  Also, a big thanks to Witold Tietze, for being there when I needed him.

We all hope that you enjoy the show, because we certainly enjoyed making it.

Matthew Kopelke, 23rd July 2001

Christmas Under Siege- Act 1

Christmas Under Siege- Act 1

Christmas Under Siege- Act 2

Christmas Under Siege- Act 2

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